Get the Perfect Fit for Your Nails with our Easy Measurement Guide

Lavender Courtyard size M press on nails worn on hand
Guessing your size may be tempting, but you'll be risking your time and money if you buy the wrong size! Pre-made Press-on nails are prone to being smaller than the unpainted nail extensions they use in salons.
Here is an easy guide that will help you measure your nail beds, AND find you the right size.
What you will need is:
-A tape measure
-Or a string/piece of tissue paper or regular paper
-A ruler
-A pen
Follow the picture guide and write down your measurements for each nail on both hands
Fitting guide for press on artificial nails how to find your size
Then take your measurements and follow this guide below.
If you are unsure about the size, ALWAYS round up and size up, especially if your nails have minimal curvature (C-curve).
Our nails will run small, and there is a reason for that!
When you take the correct size (let's say Medium), and paint over the nail, the gel will harden and push in the sides of the artificial nail. What might've originally be a size Medium could start leaning into size Small territory. This can happen because of the shaping/filing as well as the painting process of the press-on nails. The larger you go up in size, the C-curve of the nail is less noticeable.
Likewise, the smaller sizes have a more noticeable curve.
Generally speaking, if you have small to average-sized fingers I would recommend S sizes. If you have average to above-average-sized fingers, you may find M to be more suitable. Also with the majority of the nails on Maidens Heart you can file down the sides of the press-on nails to make it fit more snug.
Also, certain designs will run even smaller like our nail set First Love. This is due to the almond shape, the tapered shape requires more filing from the edges. This is when you might notice the sides of your natural nails peaking through.
So, that sums up the guide to measuring and buying the right size for you. Thank you for reading and happy shopping!
Note: we don't currently carry XS and L sizes due to lack of demand, however, if you need XS or L sizes, please contact us so we can find a way to provide you with the correct size. The order and shipping process will take longer to fulfill, since we do not carry those sizes in our inventory.