About Us


Maidens Heart is owned and operated by a one-person team, Diana Mengmiao Qian.

What We Offer

We offer handmade goods and imported products. Emphasize sourcing quality items. Primary import supplier has experience with European exports and high quality standards. Contact in China for manufacturers. Focus on unique pieces not sold internationally.

Our Vision

We want our customers feel nostalgic and fantastical when opening orders. We provide dreamy heartwarming packages invoking fairytale feelings. Carefully selected items for consumer convenience. Customers can reuse gift papers without a brand name.

Storage cases that come with a purchase utilize vinyl stickers and double-sided tape that is easier to peel than paper stickers. Some residue might remain on the surface, but the sticker will not break during removal.

Bubble wrap is used to prevent damage during shipping and ensure supporters receive an undamaged product.

Press on Nails

Our press-on nails are all handmade and stored locally in Toronto, Canada. We offer a variety of designs with strict quality control for customer satisfaction.

The final product has to look like the photographed image or better. This process is done locally in Toronto by Diana.

Each nail set is in a free storage case, ready to be shipped! There are minor scratches in some cases. However, that won't be a permanent issue. We have already notified our wholesale supplier; if this problem persists with my next batch, I will change to a better source.

Clothing and Apparel

These are all imported goods that will go through rigorous inspection on quality; quality that does not meet our expectations will be discounted and discontinued when out of stock. Diana will personally examine for loose stitching, holes in fabric, texture, and color.

Sizes will be hand-measured in Toronto, and Maidens Heart will be responsible for altering the sizing label. East Asia is known for petite sizing, which may cause confusion or distress to customers. We understand (firsthand) how restrictive sizing can impact someone's perception of their body. We will readjust the Chinese sizings according to International Standards. 


 We will be offering a small range of accessories, ranging from hats, scarves, and earrings. These are also Chinese imported goods, but not the likes of drop shipped and cheap clothing. The jewelry will have to feel substantial in weight and quality and carefully inspected for scratches, dullness, and loose jewels. We will not distribute unsatisfactory goods.

-Diana M. Qian